Other Current Efforts


Mike Mullins, chair

Between the considerable value of island property and its allure as a tourist destination, Captiva has long been a donor community for Lee County – generating far more in property- and bed-tax revenue than it sees being is returned in county services and grants. However, as property owners have increasingly been asked to foot the bill for crucial island services to maintain the island’s considerable tax base, there is growing concern that those owners are being asked to cover too much of the services and support in comparison to other areas of the county. The Captiva Erosion Prevention District has been taking the lead on analyzing the disparity between island taxation and revenue return, hoping to make a case for more equitable support of essential island initiatives from county coffers.

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Golf Cart Safety

After passage of a 2009 county ordinance allowing legal golf cart use on the roads in the Village, the carts – long a transportation staples on the private roads inside South Seas Island Resort – proliferated elsewhere on the island – as did concerns about safety and use. With a 2020 expansion of the golf cart zone to Tween Waters Inn, along with other concerns, a committee began to work with the county on enhanced signage and awareness, along with coordinating with cart rentals agents on safety suggestions and education to ensure that all the vehicles using the island’s roadways get home safely.

Links to studies and presentations

Brand and Videos

Captiva has long been recognized as a unique place to live, stay or play, with a low-key ambience and an appreciation for the environment and water quality that is evident in the many protection and preservation efforts that have kept the island a special place for decades even in the face of growth. The Panel is committed to maintaining those unique qualities, and over time is working to develop a series of videos and other tools to help explain what makes Captiva special (and what it takes to keep it that way) to future visitors and residents.