The Panel Library

Here are a collection of studies, reports and other materials either generated by the Captiva Community Panel or pertinent to the Captiva community:


  • FGUA’s Nov. 12, 2019, presentation on Captiva’s wastewater expansion alternatives
  • David Tomasko’s 2019 report on Captiva’s water quality and groundwater status, and Jay Brown’s summary of the report..
  • The TKW presentation on the Captiva Wastewater Alternative Study from Jan. 23, 2019.
  • The Captiva Wastewater Alternatives Study by TKW Consulting Engineers (August 2018), and a summary and comments from the panel’s Wastewater Committee
  • “Septic Systems Vulnerable to Sea Level Rise”: A report on Miami-Dade County wastewater
  • The Blind Pass Inlet Management Plan and Appendices (August 2018)
  • Presentations by SCCF’s Rae Ann Wessel and U.S. Rep. Francis Rooney on Lake Okeechobee discharges (December 2016)
  • A presentation on mangroves and permitting by local Florida DEP staff (September 2015)
  • Presentations on SCCF’s water quality study of Captiva from March 2011 and April 2011
  • A Florida Sea Grant study on Blind Pass from published in 2011
  • A Marine Pollution Bulletin technical paper on Blind Pass published in 2012


  • The complete Captiva Code research package provided to the panel in November 2018 (large file, be patient)
  • The 2018 version of the Captiva Plan and the Captiva Code
  • The current Land Development Code language for signs on Captiva
  • The data and analysis report for the 2017 Captiva Plan amendment
  • A summary of the 2013 Captiva community survey
  • A summary and presentation of the 2010 Captiva community survey
  • A 2017 road survey of Captiva Drive in the Village from Johnson Engineering
  • A history of building height restrictions on Captiva


  • Captiva Community Panel bylaws

If you know of other studies that you feel should be included here, email the panel at