Invasives MSTU

Help us remove invasive iguanas from our island

As many of you know, iguanas have become a growing problem on Captiva, drawn by the tropical habitat and unimpeded by a dearth of natural predators. In response to the concerns raised by many property owners of the growing numbers on the island, the Captiva Community Panel secured the services of a trapper to remove iguanas on properties that would allow him permission to access that land.

After seeing the numbers the trapper was encountering, the Panel began working with Lee County on a long-term solution to the invasive iguanas. The county was unwilling to pay for a trapper outright, but offered to fund the trapping in order to allow the Panel to pursue forming a Municipal services Taxing Unit (MSTU), which would pay for the trapper’s services as well as reimburse the county for the funds spent on trapping beginning in September 2019.

The Panel is now beginning that work to form the MSTU, which requires approval by 50% +1 of the island’s property owners as documented by a signed petition supporting the formation. Below are files that may help you understand both the iguana problem and the MSTU process:

  • A fillable PDF of the MSTU petition (you will need to add the STRAP number for your properties and your signature);
  • A regular PDF of the petition (you will need to add your STRAP number here as well);
  • FAQs concerning the MSTU and the iguana issue;
  • A chart of the iguanas removed from the island since May 2019;
  • Budget estimates for the MSTU for Years 1-6 (note: Year 1 is based on current taxable data, while Years 2-6 are based on projected expenses against the current taxable data and will be subject to change);
  • A database of island properties (as posted with the Lee County Property Appraiser) to enable owners to look up their STRAP numbers;
  • Lee County Administrative Codes 2-1 and 3-15, which specify how MSTUs are structured by the county.

If you support forming this unit (which will cost the average island property $52.68 in taxes the first year), review the information online and complete your petition (one per Captiva parcel you own) and return the original signed petition to the Panel at P.O. Box 72, Captiva, FL 33924-0072.  Petitions must be received and submitted to the county before April 1, 2021.

If you have any questions, email the Panel at Thanks for helping to preserve and protect our island paradise.