Antje D. Baumgarten

Antje holds a Masters Degree in Economics from the University of Cologne and is a permanent resident. She is an entrepreneur who owns a solar power company in Europe and is starting up a new company that will empower people to regain their own physical strength and live a life full of energy. As a dedeciated conservationalist and nature lover she believes that the islands are an ideal place to live and work.

Generations of her family have dedicated themselves to conserving forests and preserving nature. Antje learned at a young age to understand and respect the power of nature. She brings this vision into the Captiva Community Panel and takes a balanced approach to problem solving.

Michael Boris

Mike and his wife Pat have owned a home on Captiva since 2000 and became permanent
residents in 2009. He began his CPA career with Price Waterhouse & Co and then held finance officer roles with several multinationals in New York. He joined Medtronic, Inc. in 1981 serving in several senior finance officer positions including VP Treasurer and Divisional CFO. Before moving to Captiva, he and his wife lived in Minnesota for 28 years with their three children.

A Panel board member since 2015, he also serves as Treasurer, Captiva Chapel-By-The-Sea, and
is a founding Director of the Captiva Island Historical Society. An active F.I.S.H. volunteer and
member SanCap Kiwanis, Captiva Yacht Club and SCCF. Past board member of the Captiva Civic
Assoc. and Sunset Captiva HOA.


Jay Brown

Jay Brown is a retired business executive who lives full time in his home on Captiva’s Tween Waters Stretch. In addition to his service on the Panel, he is active locally in the US Power Squadron, Sanctuary Golf Club and the Captiva Island Yacht Club. A native of St. Louis, he is married, has five grown children and three grand children. Community service, golf, fishing, boating and continuing public company board service are his principal interests.


Mike Kelly

Graduate Notre Dame Business School and U of Michigan Law School. Served in
various capacities for Dayton Hudson Corp. for over 25 years, becoming CEO of
the Company’s Real Estate Division. He then led a private buyout of their property
management business. Based in Minneapolis, it became one of the largest
shopping center management companies in the U.S. Kelly sold that business in

1998 and semi-retired with his wife Peggy to Captiva. In Florida, Kelly served as
past president and current director of Sanibel Community Center, past director
Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation, board member Charitable Foundation
of the Islands, past president and current board member Captiva Community
Panel, and board member of the South Seas Beach Homes HOA.

Mike Lanigan

Michael and his wife Mary began visiting Captiva in 1989 and purchased their home here in 2004. They became full-time residents in 2016. Michael spent 35 years in the Investment Banking industry, serving as Managing Director at Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan and Senior Managing Director at Citadel Securities in Chicago. He currently assists in development work for Saint Ignatius College Prep, a Jesuit high school in downtown Chicago. He has been a Panel member since 2017 and sits on the Development and Communications Committees.


David A. Mintz

David A. Mintz lives with his wife, Lisa Riordan, on Wightman Lane in the Captiva Village. During the summer, they divide their time between their apartment in Brooklyn, New York and their lake home in Northwest, New Jersey. David A. Mintz has a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin, a Masters Degree from the London School of Economics, a Law Degree from Columbia University, and is a founding partner of a New York/New Jersey law firm. Currently, he is the Vice President of the Captiva Beach Homeowners Association B the Association of 59 properties on Laika and Wightman Lanes. In New Jersey, he is the President of a Lake Association and has worked to raise more than $12 million in public and private funding to preserve in their undeveloped state at least 6 tracts of environmentally sensitive lands in the vicinity of the Appalachian Trail. A recent purchase/preservation consisted of 852 acres B
an area slightly larger than Central Park in New York City.

Rene Miville

Boston Born full time Island resident for 30 years and one of the founders of the Captiva Community Panel and Former Captiva Erosion Control Commissioner for 15 years, during this time authored the “Captiva Erosion Emergency beach maintenance restoration plan” which allows the island to restore immediately our beaches should there be a major storm event without any bureaucratic impediments from Government nor the landowners . This law specific to Captiva and now used elsewhere at other barrier Islands has been termed by former Florida EPA director Mike Sole as the single most important piece of beach protection law in the past 40 years.

20 year career as an international Fashion and Art Photographer and subject of a 1993 PBS
Documentary “ Master manipulator” a Florida PBS production about his art photography process that was syndicated and played in all 50 states for the following decade .. Entrepreneurial pursuits include a portfolio of residential vacation properties and owner of The Franklin Shops in downtown Fort Myers a large scale cooperative Department store with nearly 100 shops and 250,000 visitors annually.

Currently starting a new company that is a Private Public Partnership for Attainable housing Initiatives with the Lee County School district and Lee County for Teachers and other Government employees. Married to Margarethe Thye-Miville with 3 children together.

Michael Mullins

Michael C. Mullins founded a financially-oriented software company in 1976. Previously he was VP with Chase Manhattan Bank, a computer services executive with Deutche Bank. Later he founded and operated several businesses including finance/lending, computer software and business consulting, vacation rental and property management. He serves on the Captiva Community Panel off and on since early 2000's, formerly a Captiva Civic Association governor, board of Trustees of Ding Darling Wildlife Society, Board of the National Wildlife Refuge Association, Roger Tory Peterson Institute and Board of the Eye Bank for Sight Restoration of New York Foundation. He founded and is trustee of the Michael C. Mullins Charitable Foundation and started the St.Luke Educational Foundation, NYC. Dedicated to preservation and enhancement of Captiva's beach and dunes systems, he has been Commissioner of Captiva Erosion Prevention District since 2006.