Dealing with invasive species

Invasive or non-native species have become an increasing nuisance on Captiva lately. But what can property owners do in response? The panel has collected some information on how to identify non-native species and what state law allows you to do to control them.

The biggest thing to do is contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. The agency has a lot of information here, and the local contact is Daniel Quinn... call him at (239) 340-7738 or email him at It's important for owners to let the FWC know about non-native species, because when the agency gets enough complaints it can take action to assist in their removal.

You can help by reporting any island sightings of invasive species such as iguanas to the FWC by clicking here and follow the instructions. If you need additional help, please contact Daniel Quinn with the FWC by either email ( or phone (239-340-7738).

-- Reptile ID guide
-- Fact sheets on Nile Monitor lizards and iguanas
-- A large lizard reference guide
-- State guidelines on poisons and why you need to be careful in using them.

Also, check out the SCCF website here for details about non-native species impacting the islands.

If you're interested in contacting a trapper to deal with wildlife removal, Sanibel has a contract with Chris Harlow, (239) 770-7630 or

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