Captiva Community Panel

As amended on May 2015


Section 1 - Mission
Captiva Island is a coastal barrier island with a low-density residential lifestyle and economic base, augmented by commercial activities which serve residents and tourists who are drawn toward a tranquil, unhurried experience in a natural setting. As an island community, Captiva's natural environment -- beaches, wildlife and flora -- is its most important attraction, and Captiva residents regard the protection of its mangrove fringe, water quality, and dark skies as matters of paramount importance. Toward this end, its residents, owners and the business community must work together, with Lee County and other regulatory bodies to sustain the fragile and limited resources of the island.

The Captiva Community Panel (hereafter the “Panel”) exists to serve Captiva by maintaining and enhancing the historic pattern of development on this barrier island. Such historical growth has consisted of unobtrusive, low-density residential use, coupled with limited commercial development and vehicular traffic. Sensitive to such common concerns, Captiva community planning is to be maintained in consideration of an environment consisting of clean offshore waters, diverse and healthy marine life and robust native vegetation.


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The Captiva Community Panel operates under the Florida "Government in the Sunshine" Law -- commonly referred to as the Sunshine Law. For more detail on this law than you'd possibly ever want to read, click here (note: it's a large file, so be patient).