The Captiva Community Panel typically meets on the second Tuesday of every month. All Community Panel meetings are open to the public,

and we strongly urge all Captivans to attend and participate.


Minutes are taken of every meeting, and we post those minutes here

so islanders who cannot attend can know what's being discussed
and how various issues are being treated.

The minutes are not verbatim transcripts of the meetings;

rather, they are a summary of the discussions and proceedings.


The Captiva Community Panel


Antje Baumgarten -- Mike Boris -- Jay Brown -- Dave Jensen

Mike Kelly -- Mike Lanigan -- David Mintz -- Rene Miville

Mike Mullins -- Tom Rathbone -- Bob Walter


Ken Gooderham, administrator

Max Forgey, planner


The Captiva Community Panel operates under the Florida "Government in the Sunshine" Law -- commonly referred to as the Sunshine Law. For more detail on this law than you'd possibly ever want to read, click here (note: it's a 399-page file, so be patient while it loads).