Island Water Quality



What can you do?

Simple things that island residents and property owners can do to improve and protect our island’s water quality:

    • Slow surface-water runoff by minimizing impervious surfaces (sidewalks and driveways) and maximizing areas where surface waters can percolate (swales and retention areas, pervious pavers, natural/native vegetation, etc.).
    • Plant more trees to capture dangerous nutrients, increase the canopy and cleanse runoff.
    • Landscape using native vegetation…it uses less water and is better able to withstand our hot summers, dry winters and potential storms.
    • Keep your septic system well maintained… meaning regular pumpouts and upgrades as necessary.
    • Consider replacing your current septic system with a nitrogen removing system.
    • Minimize fertilizing and turf-grass watering, particularly during the rainy summer season and in areas near to the shoreline.
    • Support local and regional efforts to protect and preserve the county’s and region’s water quality.