The Captiva Plan

The Captiva portion of the Lee Plan -- the Lee County Comprehensive Land Use plan -- was first adopted in 2003 and amended in 2005 and 2007. It regulates land use and zoning on the island by addressing issues specific to Captiva, and is the basis for the county (and Captiva) Land Development Code currently under review.


For some background:

-- Click here for the current Captiva Plan.


-- Click here for a collection of policies other communities have put into the Lee Plan to address their community concerns.

-- Click here for the Captiva vision statement and plan revisions the panel sent to the county for adoption in spring 2012.


Interested in finding out more about land use terminology?
Click here to see an explanation of the plan, the code, and the relationship between the two.


Panel planner MaxForgey also has developed a chronology of judicial and legislative milestones that have an impact on planning issues.
Click here to see a copy of that memo.


A vision for Captiva

The Captiva Community Panel is looking at options for the community to discuss its vision of Captiva in 2035, as a way to help set goals and objectives in its interaction with the county now and in the future.
Click here for panel member Mike Kelly's overview of this visioning process, how it can integrate with county planning and funding, and some of his observations to help jump-start the process.


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Background on the proposed

Captiva Land Development Code

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The final working draft of the proposed Captiva Land Development Code is online -- click here!

Captiva zoning and FIRM (Flood Insurance Rate Maps) maps by island area (click on the one you want:

Village ... Tween Waters

Gold Coast ... north ... middle ... south

Captiva FIRM/base flood elevations islandwide...

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For a more detailed B&W version, click here.