December 13, 2005

Panel Members in Attendance: Hal Miller, Rene Miville, Ron Gibson, Harry Silverglide and Mike Kelly

Absent: Chris van der Baars, Gordon Hullar, Dave Jensen, John Madden

Audience: 27

1. Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.

2. The minutes of the November 8, 2005, meeting were approved as presented, with a motion by Gibson, second by Kelly.

3. Clark Hawkins, Manager of Design and Engineering, LCEC, gave a presentation on the cost estimate for putting utilities underground on Captiva. Previously a non-binding cost estimate was presented to the panel, and a deposit of $75,000 was required to complete and finalize the plan. The binding estimate is now complete, and the total cost for laying the utilities underground on Captiva is $3.6 million for all five sections of the island from Blind Pass to the South Seas gate. This cost includes removal of the current above ground lines and construction costs, and is valid for 180 days. The $75,000 deposit will be applied to the total if the entire scope of the project is completed. If only a percentage of the project is completed, an equivalent percentage of the deposit will be applied toward the total. If approved, the project is scheduled to begin in April, 2006, work will continue until November, and then will resume the following spring until completion in 2007. Hawkins requested that the CCP give authority to LCEC to work with the Lee County government to obtain easements for this project, minimally six feet adjacent to the road. He estimated that 200 poles would come down along Captiva Drive, as well as overhead transformers. Twenty five additional switch gear enclosures will be installed, and 60 additional smaller, secondary enclosures will be used.

Ken Gooderham explained some of the financing plans, noting that the county is now considering a Municipal Services Taxing Unit islandwide to fund the project. The $3.6 million binding estimate is for bringing the service to each property. Cost will be approximately $7 per foot for connection from the main line to a residence. Owners will have to hire private contractors to make the connection. A binding estimate is now required from Comcast for their portion of the project to get the project moving. The estimates from LCEC and Comcast will go to Lee County for the inclusion of administration and finance charges and setting the actual assessment. A petition with that assessment, which will be based on home property values, will be sent to each owner using STRAP numbers, via certified mail, return receipt requested, in petition form. A majority vote (estimated at up to 67%) of all homeowners on Captiva will be required for approval. Upon reaching a majority for approval, the county will form a MSTU to raise the necessary funds for the project. Owners will be charged proportionately after the project is complete.

South Seas is not included in the scope of this project, as work will only go to the gate of the resort. However, South Seas owners will have a vote and an assessment in the project as property owners.

Information on the project will be available on the CCP website via links for interested homeowners.

4. Silverglide spoke about making Captiva Drive safer for walking and bicycling by lowering the speed limit and making the whole island a "no passing" zone. Harry Campbell, Traffic Section Chief Traffic Engineer, from the Lee County Department of Transportation, was present to speak about the possibility of changing the current speed limit. He noted that it is very hard to enforce a lower speed limit than the current 25/35 mph, and even harder to mandate a "no passing" rule for the entire island. Currently the entire stretch of Captiva Drive in front of Tween Waters is mandated no passing, as is the first portion after the S curve heading off the island. He will investigate and come back with a recommendation from the county as to resetting speed limits and any changes in passing areas. A question arose from the audience about removing the flashing light at the curve before South Seas. The light was installed before the stop signs were placed at Andy Rosse Lane, and as the stop signs now slow traffic considerably, the light is not necessary and is an eyesore. He said that removal of the light is in process.

5. Mike Mullins announced that he is in the process of gathering information from other community groups regarding by-laws, and a committee is being formed to study this and prepare a recommendation for the panel.

6. Doris Holzheimer shared a survey that will be given to Captiva residents regarding this past hurricane season. Information may be shared with her at, or sent to her at P. O. Box 667, Captiva, or to Mike Mullins at P.O. Box 888, also on Captiva. 7. Ken Gooderham shared a handout regarding the proposed vegetation plans for the Meade property at 11528 Andy Rosse Lane. Present zoning requirements call for a wall to be constructed when commercial property abuts residential property on the island. However, the owners feel that a planned vegetation barrier would be preferable and more attractive. Anyone interested in sharing their thoughts was urged to contact the Lee County Hearing Examiner.

8. Gooderham shared that FEMA is currently working in this part of the state on proposed elevation revisions, and that a draft had been released prior to expected public comment in February. The only likely change was increased elevations in the V-zone along the coastline, which would put the required elevation for new structures more in line with what is required by the state Department of Environmental Protection.

9. Gooderham also noted that the proposed underground utility project may create some problems with the reforestation grant. He suggested that it may be feasible to wait until LCEC is firm on the construction plan to begin planting in the right of way. Another option would be to sponsor a tree giveaway to homeowners, using the grant funds, but work would have to be done to determine types of trees, sizes, etc.

10. The next meeting of the Captiva Community Panel will be January 10, 2006. Discussion will take place on a timeline for all upcoming projects.

11. The meeting was adjourned at 10:55 AM

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