November 8, 2005

Panel Members in Attendance: Rene Miville, Hal Miller, Dave Jensen, Mike Kelly, Harry Silverglide, and Ron Gibson

Absent: Chris van der Baars, Gordon Hullar, and John Madden

Audience: 22

1. Meeting was called to order at 9:10 a.m.

2. Minutes from the October 19 meeting were reviewed and approved unanimously.

3. Miville introduced a discussion of proposed language concerning building height restrictions to modify the Captiva Plan Policy 13.1.2. The policy currently reads "No building or structure may be erected or altered so that the peak of the roof exceeds 35 feet above the average grade of the lot in question or 42 feet above mean sea level, whichever is lower. Miville suggested that as FEMA has changed elevation points on Captiva, problems have developed with new construction, and the panel may want to work on new language for the height policy. As history, it was shared that the Captiva Civic Association introduced the original height guidelines in the mid-1990s to protect Captiva from high rise developments. Miller urged a dialogue among community members regarding their feelings on changing the height ordinance. Silverglide asked if we could request that a representative from FEMA or Lee County could attend our next meeting to explain the new standards.

4. Bill Fenniman asked to address the panel and audience concerning the future structure and function of the Captiva Community Panel. He read a prepared statement explaining that he was frustrated with the direction of the panel, and had met with Miller and Mike Mullins on how to best address his concerns. His main areas of concern included term limits for members, by-laws, and whether the panel dealt with island-wide issues or issues of interest only to the panel members. He asked that a subcommittee be appointed to address the panel's goals and to prepare a report for the community by January 15, 2006. Miller cautioned that the panel is only an advisory panel, and has no authority to make decisions. Mark Tesoro, of the Lee County Health Department, suggested that having by-laws would strengthen the influence of the panel as far as dealing with Lee County.
A motion was presented by Kelly, second by Silverglide, to appoint a subcommittee to be chaired by Mike Mullins to look at term limits for panel members, by-laws, or any other permanent function of the panel. Members will be solicited for this subcommittee at the December 13, 2005, meeting. The motion was approved with a 5-1 vote, Miville was opposed.

5. Mike Mullins provided a follow-up on hurricane planning and emergency response plans for Captiva in the wake of Hurricane Wilma in October. In the absence of Doris Holzheimer, Phyllis Gibson filled in as the liaison on Captiva during the storm. The Internet connections worked well, and off-site volunteers helped with the distribution of information. Phone "trees" might be helpful for the future. The 800 number did not work well, as it was difficult to update the message, and more volunteers were needed at the off-island location to man the phone. Volunteers on the island worked well. The Structural Safety Inspectors were ready to work on the island after the storm, but were not needed. Preliminary inspection work was done by fire and police personnel, and no damage of consequence was noted. Cooperation with professionals was outstanding, both on Sanibel and Captiva. In summary, everyone felt the process worked, and needed only minor changes for next season.

6. Discussion was held regarding the speed limit on Captiva Drive, which is currently 25-35 mph on the island. Silverglide encouraged the panel and audience to consider bicycle and golf-cart parking facilities in the Village. He questioned, also, whether 35 mph was an appropriate speed, and would it be more feasible to consider a reduction to 30 or even 25 mph. Sgt. Joe Popallardo indicated that a study of road speed on Captiva done by the DOT stated that the 35 mph speed limit was appropriate, and agreed that a reduction to 30 mph instead of 25 mph might be more reasonable. Some discussion occurred about eliminating the passing zones on the island, also.
A motion was presented by Silverglide, second by Kelly, to ask the Department of Transportation to review the panel's request to reduce the maximum speed limit on Captiva Drive to 30 mph. Motion passed, 6-0.
A second motion was presented by Silverglide, second by Miville, to review the passing zones on Captiva Drive and to investigate the feasibility of reducing or eliminating them. Motion passed, 6-0.

7. Ken Gooderham presented a review of the contract with the Florida Division of Forestry for Captiva Drive revegetation funding. The DOT will review the $125,000 grant agreement and make suggestions. The work is to be completed by the end of September, 2007. Gooderham indicated that he wants to assure that residents of Captiva have input to the work that will be proposed. He will invite DOT, LCEC and the Florida Division of Forestry to the next meeting to discuss proposals for both the revegetation and the underground utilities project currently underway.

8. Miville introduced Mindy Collier, a professional grant writer, who briefly explained her credentials and suggestions for possible future work with the panel. She has worked in Southwest Florida since 1991, and works with government agencies to secure grants.

9. Miller indicated that Randy Cerchie of Lee County DOT will be present at the next meeting with maps for the panel indicating all the right of way easements on the island.

10. Jensen urged any panel members or residents who might be interested in Lake Okechobee water quality issues to attend a forum on Thursday at Big Arts on Sanibel at 6:30 p.m.

11. Miville shared an e-mail from Governor Jeb Bush regarding his response to Miville's alternative plans for the state's sugar crop and plans to improve water quality. This will be explored in greater depth at the December meeting.

12. The next meeting of the Captiva Community Panel will be December 13, 2005, at the CCA building.

The meeting adjourned at 11:05 a.m.

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