October 19, 2005

In Attendance: Hal Miller, Dave Jensen, Ron Gibson, Mike Kelly and Rene Miville

Absent: Chris van der Baars, Harry Silverglide, Gordon Hullar, John Madden

Audience: 22

1. The meeting was called to order by Hal Miller at 9:00 AM.

2. The minutes of the July 5 meeting were approved as presented, with a motion by Gibson, second by Kelly.

3. Sandy Stilwell was present to address the Panel on her request for a variance on the number of parking spaces required for the Celebration Center on Andy Rosse Lane. Miller cautioned that the Panel serves only in an advisory position on these matters. Stilwell explained that current zoning rules require 23 parking spaces, and legally, there are 16 spaces available of the required 9-foot x 18-foot size. In actuality, there are 34 spaces that can be used, and she presented photographs and a diagram to support this. She requested, therefore, that the Panel support this request with a letter that could be presented to Lee County. Kelly presented a motion stating that the Panel has no objection to the variance request regarding the parking spaces at the Celebration Center and is in support of Stilwell's request. Second by Jensen. Motion passed unanimously.

4. Tracy Bean and Brad McGrath were present to follow up with their request for three special exceptions/variances for the development proposed for construction at 11528 Andy Rosse Lane, to replace an existing structure. Principal use of the property will be commercial, with a caretaker unit attached to the building for the owner's use. The variances requested are:

a. To retain the current driveway and parking areas. The driveway is now 22 feet, and the requirement is 25 feet.

b. To provide an alternative landscape plan in front of the property to help reconfigure the parking spaces.

c. To change the side setback.

The retail store will be approximately 600 square feet, and the residential unit will be approximately 900 square feet. The caretaker unit would be used exclusively for the owners/operators of the retail establishment, and could not be rented separately. The existing Confused Chameleon building would be demolished as it is unsafe. Tracy Bean, representing the architect, requested support from the Panel on the three requests.
A motion was made by Kelly, second by Jensen, to offer no objection to the plans as presented, and to provide support for these special exceptions to mixed commercial and residential use on Andy Rosse Lane. Kelly requested that Bean and McGrath return in November with a presentation regarding the plans for the rear landscaping plan and septic field. Motion approved unanimously. Bean agreed to stay in touch with Ken Gooderham regarding upcoming county meetings regarding the plan.

5. Clark Hawkins, with LCEC, was present to give an update on the plans for putting utilities underground on Captiva. He noted that the design is coming along well, and they are currently working on adjusting the design to accommodate all utilities. Work should be completed by December. Sprint has expressed an interest in the project, as their lines are currently underground on the island.

6. Randy Cerchie gave an update on the Lee DOT right of way survey. The survey is now complete, and the exact location of the bounty right-of-way has been identified from Blind Pass to South Seas. With this, the county will be able to identify those property owners who need to be contacted to negotiate additional right-of-way for any proposed road or safety shoulder projects. Another issue is the area across the street from Tween Waters, where the right-of-way lies on the water side of the road. Providing two 11-foot traffic lanes and two 4-fooot shoulders as proposed would encroach on the beach area and the rock revetment that was placed there after a prior hurricane. The right-of-way surveys are not in digital format yet, and Randy will bring the printed plans to Captiva this month.

7. Cerchie and Miller presented ideas on extending the approved area for golf cart use through to Tween Waters. Due to the very bad visibility at the corner by Jensen's and the geometry of the turn, this is not considered to be a feasible idea. Currently low speed vehicles, which must be licensed and insured, are approved for use here and operate at speeds not to exceed 35 mph.

8. Ken Gooderham announced that Captiva has been tentatively approved for a $125,000 grant from the state Division of Forestry, through Lee DOT. This is a matching grant (15-25% from local funds), with the stipulation that work must be completed or substantially underway by September, 2007.

9. Kelly left the meeting, breaking the quorum.

10. There was some discussion about the Sanibel sewer project, as several audience members felt that Sanibel was interested in continuing discussions on connecting with Captiva at Blind Pass. Gooderham mentioned that Lee County Utilities director Rick Diaz had been asked to look into the issue by Commissioner Janes' office, and was willing to come out to meet with the Panel and the public at an upcoming meeting. Due to the other projects that are currently in process, i.e., the underground utilities and the safety shoulder, the Panel felt that further discussion on this subject might not be worthwhile. Mike Mullins gave a brief history of the sewer issue as it relates to the level of interest from Sanibel. The consensus of the Panel was to invite Diaz to the November meeting to get the facts on the issue.

11. The next meetings of the Captiva Community Panel will be Tuesday, November 8 at 9:00 AM, and Tuesday, December 13, also at 9 AM.

12. In other business, Miville announced that he had spoken with Jim Mudd regarding Policy 13.1.2, the height ordinance for Captiva structures. He asked Mudd for some alternate language to present to the Panel, and this will be placed on the agenda for the next meeting. Also, Gooderham noted that the pending Captiva amendments to the Lee County Comprehensive Land Use Plan had been returned from the state Department of Community Affairs without comment, and were adopted by the Lee County commission at a meeting on October 12. Copies of the "Captiva Plan" were available at the meeting.

13. Mike Mullins and Phyllis Gibson were present to discuss the progress of the Captiva Hurricane Plan. South Seas Resort has offered an 800 line dedicated to Captiva residents, which will be manned at the Vacation Planning Center in Fort Myers. Volunteers will be needed to answer this line. Currently Ron and Phyllis Gibson, as well as Dave Jensen, will be there. The dedicated number is 1-800-669-0500. This line will be specifically for Captiva residents, and those manning the line will be in contact with the Sanibel/Captiva unified command. Numerous websites are available to residents, also. Gibson said Beth Oden, who lives outside Florida and maintained a Web site during Hurricane Charley, will provide information if systems are unavailable within the state. John Likakis will also be posting information on the CPOA Web site. Information on the Web sites and phone number will be posted at the Captiva Post Office.
There will be a unified command meeting on Sanibel on Thursday, October 20, at 10 AM to provide further information to residents. Mullins will attend and information will be disseminated via Web sites.
There will be a room at the Holiday Inn at Bell Tower for Captiva residents to share information.

The meeting adjourned at 10:20 AM.

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