October 10, 2006

Panel Members in Attendance: Dave Jensen, Ron Gibson, Harry Silverglide, Rene Miville, Mike Mullins, Sandy Stillwell and Nathalie Pyle

Absent: Gordon Hullar, Mike Kelly and Hal Miller

Audience: 28

1. The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by a roll call of members.

2.The minutes from the previous meeting of Aug. 8, 2006, were reviewed and approved. Motion made by Sandy Stillwell, seconded by Nathalie Pyle. Approved 7-0.

3. A presentation on the pending variances for the Celebration Center was made. One variance is for an Alternative Parking Plan which increases the number of parking spaces by 12. They need 29 and currently have 17.

The presentation was made by attorney Cody Von Birch (Henderson Franklin) and planner Jim Smith (Morris-Depew & Associates) on behalf of owner Sandy Stilwell. Dave Jensen asked if they could explain why there is a need for a variance and to explain the solution, which they did very thoroughly. Paul Garvey, representing the CCA, brought up several issues about the variance. There was a lengthy discussion between the panel members and Garvey. Von Birch explained there was a parking plan that was submitted to the county and approved with incorrect calculations. The county has admitted to making mistakes in the permitting process.

A motion was made by Mike Mullins--amended by Ron Gibson and seconded by Rene Miville to "forward the variance back to the hearing examiner approving a conditional parking variance for the Celebration Center until the traffic study is complete." There was additional discussion. The motion was approved 6-0, with Sandy Stillwell abstaining.

4. Linda Guckert, Sanibel Group manager for Breeze Newspapers, put on a PowerPoint presentation on Breeze Newspapers' Web/communications changes. They want to be part of the community so please send them any community news.

5. At the last CCP meeting, the issue of driving golf carts at night was tabled. Questions were raised about licensed drivers driving at night. LSCO Lt. Joe Popplardo explained the history of golf carts on Captiva. Harry Campbell from Lee County DOT discussed the safety of driving at night. The county could consider night-time use of golf carts by licensed drivers on a limited basis in the existing golf cart area if requested. Various comments were made by the public. Safety was the big issue.

A motion was made by Nathalie Pyle to bring back the tabled motion: "To be able to drive golf carts at night in our existing golf cart area by licensed drivers, for with all safety equipment (lights, brakes, turn signals, windshield) with the county and law enforcement to work out the hours of driving." The motion was seconded by Mike Mullins. The motion was approved 7-0.

6. Rene Miville discussed the underground utilities. Randy Cerchie discussed where the lines would be placed, possibly under Captiva Drive and in the right-of-way. This would reduce costs of acquiring additional easements in many areas, but would need to work around existing water and phone lines. It is felt that the lines should be in the county right-of-way. LCEC wants to be indemnified again any future relocation costs should road changes be necessary. The community and the county would be responsible, likely through the MSTU or MSBU process. Mivile said the project attorney hired by the property owners group will meet with LCEC to work out details on putting utilities in the county right-of-way. Things seem to be moving along.

7. Mike Mullins talked about amending the tree subsidy list to include other native species. The panel discussed how the Tree Subsidy Program was working and that there seemed to be a lot of money still available. Mike Mullins made a motion to add to the list of existing native plants for the Tree Subsidy Program which were recommended by Jenny Evans, SCCF Native Plant Manager, and the state Division of Forestry. Sandy Stilwell seconded the motion. The motion was approved 7-0.

8. Approval for the following applications for the Tree Subsidy: Joseph Mason for $3,807.00 and CEPD for $1,575. A motion was made by Harry Silvergilde to approve the two applications, seconded by Dave Jensen. The motion was approved 6-0; Rene Miville abstained.

9. Dave Jensen talked about the process of the Safety Shoulder Committee. Dave Jensen and Susan Stuart are the co-chairs and in August the committee had a phone conference with three of the six members participating. While progress was made on the mission and the initial phases, the process statement itself is not complete. There will be a live committee meeting during the next month and hopefully the process statement will be ready for the next panel meeting. It was discussed who votes for the safety shoulder and it was noted that there would not be a vote but that there would be a poll--one opinion per property is under consideration, owners not renters--but the full committee needed to come to consensus on this issue. It was clear in all discussions, however, that the committee agreed there was a need to know the will of the community on this issue.

10. Hurricane Update Plan - Mike Mullins noted there was no change.

11. Sandy Stilwell is having a fund-raiser for the CCP at the Key Lime Bistro on Oct. 17, with half price on all drinks and a 50/50 raffle. The proceeds will be donated to the Community Panel. Harry Silverglide discussed fund-raising and the need to have a large function to raise money for the Community Panel's expenses. On Nov. 8, Mike Mullins is considering holding a party at his home--more details to follow. First estimates are that the panel needs to raise $25,000 to fund its operations for the next year.

12. Mike Mullins brought up the subject of signs as a "heads up." If you have or know of someone that has a non-conforming sign please take care of it. We would like to police ourselves instead of having the county involved.

13. Harry Silverglide wants water quality to be put on the agenda for next month's meeting.

14. The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 a.m.

The next CCP meeting tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 14, at the Captiva Civic Association building, 11550 Chapin Lane, Captiva.

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