Captiva Community Panel


Sept. 9, 2008


Attending: Gordon Hullar, Dave Jensen, Ron Gibson (no quorum)


Audience: 5


The meeting convened at 9:01 a.m. Minutes from prior meetings were not approved due to a lack of quorum.


Hullar noted that, despite discussion of cancellations in the past, the panel felt an obligation to schedule meetings throughout the year so that the island could have the forum. Therefore, this meeting was being held despite the lack of a quorum.


Hullar noted that the Community Panel Nominating Committee will propose Rick Hayduk to a seat on the panel. The members cannot take action today, but he thought someone representing the committee would be at this meeting to announce their intention to nominate.


Hurricane report: Doris Holzheimer said islanders should watch the news, that Beth Oden continued to send out e-mails when conditions warranted and people could look online at for further details. Storm team has geared up for each storm in case action is needed ready to order the satellite phones, make reservations, etc. Phones are ordered and held, can be delivered within 24 hours. Same with the rooms; the Best Western on Daniels Parkway is making you guarantee rooms a little longer, and you have cancel by 11 a.m. the day before. The hotel is a good spot inland and good to work with.


Water quality: Jensen and Gooderham noted that the Bayous Preservation Association had issued a report of its monitoring findings, which would be a good adjunct to the Captiva project once it got started. No real surprises, pollution spikes seemed tied to rainfall and runoff mainly, but it needed a more scientific interpretation. A discussion of county funding followed, as Gooderham noted that the first budget hearing was scheduled for Sept. 11 and nothing appeared ot threaten the TDC funding plan. There was general discussion about runoff and ongoing Lake Okeechobee releases.


The meeting adjourned 9:15 a.m.


-- Ken Gooderham