August 12, 2008

Panel Members in Attendance: Dave Jensen, Rene Miville

Audience: 5

1. Meeting convened at 9:03 a.m. A quorum of panel members was not present.

Gooderham explained that the minutes from the June 10 meeting were not completed in time for this meeting due to time conflicts, but that they would be sent to panelists this week.

2. Fence variance:
Applicant Mimi Schwartzel discussed the variance they had applied for a fence at 16898 Captiva Drive. They were seeking a 1-foot variance to make pillars 5 feet tall to be at a better height; the railing would be a foot higher as well. She explained they would have to go before the Lee County Hearing Examiner for the variance, and this would include a site inspection as well. She asked for public input on the proposed variance, and offered landscaping and fence/gate drawings for audience review.

Mike Mullins noted there were lots of walls all over the island, and that this is far less offensive than those and should not be denied unless we're willing to cite the other 25-30 that are more noticeable. Sharon Michie noted they should make sure you have a manual way to open it when the power goes out. Mullins said that someone had built a walled area north of Stella Farwell's residence, and he thought that was not allowed. Miville thanked Schwartzel for going through the process, noting that things too often happen without anyone providing oversight. No other comments were made.

4. Finances:
Hullar said that Stilwell had contacted him this morning to let him know she was not feeling well, and she provided a two-month report (which was handed out to the panel). He asked whether we could we post it online. Gooderham said he would check with her and see what we can do.

5. Water quality:
Jensen offered a brief recap of the proposed county Tourist Development Council funding for a two-year study of water quality conditions along Captiva's shoreline, which will come before the Lee County Commission for approval during the budget hearings in September. Mike Calinski offered a brief description of his planned project at South Seas, as a way of looking at possible mitigation for whatever nutrient loading is determined to be coming from Captiva. Gooderham noted that the proposed study targeted not only what is coming off the island but from where, as a means to help the community determine what steps might make a substantial improvement in water quality.

Miville noted that county planner Jim Mudd had been asked for panel funding numerous times with no response, could we pursue it harder? Gooderham noted that a new study of transportation options for the J.N. "Ding" Darling Wildlife Refuge was being launched, and noted that no input from Captiva was planned. He asked whether he should work to schedule a presentation before the panel later in the fall so the community could discuss this issue with the appropriate officials, and there was general consensus to do so.

Mullins asked for it to be publicized that at Thursday, Sept. 11, at 1 p.m. dedication of the beach access at the end of Captiva Drive in honor of Alison Hagerup. This was being done as part of the Florida Shore & Beach Preservation Association conference at South Seas Sept. 10-12, since a large number of beach and shore people from around the state will be attending and this was a group Hagerup played a prominent role in over the years. Mullins said had notified the newspapers and island groups to save the date.

Mullins also mentioned that, as part of the preliminary discussions by South Seas about employee housing, they had approached the Captiva Erosion Prevention District about a beach access swap with a parcel they owned a few lots in on Captiva Drive. There was concern about losing federal grants due to any change in access, and he said interest has cooled a little due to title issues, etc. He noted there was a parking issue from Andy Rosse Lane workers at that access, which cuts into the CEPD revenues from parking fees. The district had asked Lee County to cut it off such a use as of July 1, 2009. Mullins said it might be appropriate for the panel to address how to deal with parking on Andy Rosse Lane, perhaps to make arrangements to use access for parking at night and work with South Seas to use a trolley to transport people from that lot. Mullins said there's a tremendous need, hope the panel would take some responsibility to sponsor it.

The meeting adjourned at 9:35 a.m.

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