June 10, 2007

Panel Members in Attendance: Ron Gibson, Nathalie Pyle, Mike Mullins, Dave Jensen, Rene Miville, Sandy Stilwell, Harry Silverglide

Audience: 12

1. CALL TO ORDER, ROLL CALL, APPROVAL OF MINUTES Jensen called the meeting to order.

Mullins moved to adopt the minutes of the regular meeting of May 8, 2007, seconded by Gibson. No objection, motion carries in a 7-0 vote.

2. SAFETY SHOULDER COMMITTEE UPDATE--DAVE JENSEN: Jensen reported that the surveys that had been received had been counted. Gooderham said that approximately 50 percent of surveys were returned and of those 77 percent responded yes and 23 percent responded no. Gooderham said that surveys had been sent to voters and property owners and were being further divided as such as well as by region. Harry Griggs had sent in one letter, responding "yes" for 120 interval units at South Seas. Griggs had discussed the matter with the interval boards and the decision was unanimously in support. The decision was made to include additional surveys received while Miville was out of town and his assistant was checking the mail. In discussion concerning whether or not to make a recommendation to Lee County, Pyle said that the survey spoke for itself, the community had made their decision; Gibson and Stilwell agreed. Miville asked Gooderham to draft a letter to be approved by the panel. Mullins concurred and congratulated the committee on a job well done.

3. BYLAWS REVISIONS AND COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS: Mullins reported there were no updates presently.

4. UPDATE ON HURRICANE PREPARATIONS--DORIS HOLZHEIMER: Holzheimer being out of town, Gibson reported that his wife, Phyllis, had attended the Hurricane Conference with Holzheimer. Gibson discussed the need for satellite phones and thought the Panel should consider getting at least one as they had already themselves. For $150 a phone is reserved and may be called for within two days of an event; additional charges would then apply for use. Jensen said that he would donate money to cover up to 5 phones, but Gibson said only 4 were needed since they already had one.

Mullins reported that Captiva was very close to being certified as a Storm Ready community and discussion of a Captiva sign, bearing the certification, was discussed. Miville said that Parks and Recreation would be happy to provide one, all that needed to be done was to have it designed and ordered.

5. UNDERGROUND UTILITIES UPDATE--RENE MIVILLE: Miville reported that in his absence, Mullins had "picked up the ball," but that while he was in Germany he found their undergrounding very aesthetically pleasing. Mullins said that he was currently trying to form a committee. Gooderham had looked further into the price of such a project and had come up with number closer to $16 million, versus the Captiva Civic Association's estimate of more than $24 million.

Discussion concerning the $6 million charge to purchase easements was discussed and Mullins said in his research, easements were not usually required in the end; property owners came around to recognizing they were charging themselves.

Additional conversation concerning billing as a franchise tax pursued and Miville spoke of a company out of North Carolina that could work as the project manager.

Miville still sits as a temporary chair until a committee can be formed. Gibson and Stilwell said they would make phone calls for potential members.

The goal of forming a committee was put off until July.

6. FINANCIAL REPORT--SANDY STILWELL: Stilwell reported that she had still been having difficulty getting the records as her version of QuickBooks was older than the one Gooderham had used to enter the accounts. She said she had two checkbooks without any idea of the balance in either account. Stilwell said that she would go purchase a newer version of QuickBooks.

Discussion concerning the two accounts pursued and it was decided to combine the accounts.

Gooderham told the Panel that the IRS had additional questions concerning the CPOA's 501(c)3 application, which were responded to by June 5. His hopes were that it would be resolved by the end of summer.

7. UPDATE ON FUNDING FOR A CAPTIVA WATER QUALITY STUDY--KEN GOODERHAM: Gooderham reported the $85,000.00 appropriation from the Florida Legislature was vetoed by Gov Crist in early June.

Silverglide suggested piggybacking with PURRE and questioned whether getting Captiva specifics was a viable request in return for any donations made from Captiva.

Silverglide agreed to chair the Water Quality Committee.

Pyle suggested getting a PURRE representative at the next meeting and reminded members that it was an important issue, one that was not going away.

Gooderham said there were additional monies to be available, but the Panel would have to make a decision as to how to spend them to facilitate applying for them.

8. TREE SUBSIDY APPLICATIONS--KEN GOODERHAM: Gooderham said there was only one application awaiting approval ---the South Seas Beach Villas III in the amount of $1,682. He said that only $105,000 of the $125,000 had been spoken for, and that he had applied for a grant extension until the end of the year.

Silverglide moved to approve the application, seconded by Mullins. No objection, motion carries in a 7-0 vote.

9. OTHER BUSINESS AND PUBLIC COMMENT: Gooderham reported that the land-use language for the county Land Development code would be drafted for initial review in August and finalized later in the year when Mike Kelly returned.

Mullins reminded the Panel that they were still looking into who assigned which seat the last time members were brought on. Seats in question include Mullins, Stilwell and Pyle.

Mullins said that once the Bylaws are finished he would be resigning from the Panel, but would wait until the end of the year for elections.

Pyle said that the Panel needed to assume operations under the Lee County agreement for now, that there were two years for simple majority changes. Silverglide suggested that the Panel should just be the Panel and the seats should not be assigned to any organization.

Gooderham said that he would look into the assignment of Mullins, Stilwell and Pyle; currently Kelly and Hullar held CCA-appointed seats.

Jensen moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Pyle. No objection, motion carries in a 7-0 vote. The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

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