May 13, 2003

Panel Members in Attendance: Hal Miller, Dave Jensen, Gordon Hullar, Elaine Smith, Ron Gibson, Chris van der Baars, John Madden, and Rene Miville

Audience: 5

1. Roll call was taken at 9:00 a.m. on May 13, 2003. Rene Miville joined the panel as the CPOA’s replacement for Paul McCarthy.

2. The minutes of the April 1, 2003, meeting were approved as presented, motion by Hullar, second by van der Baars. Approved 8-0.

3. Ken Gooderham announced that no responses had been received from the RFI. He e-mailed those for whom he had an e-mail address, asking if they had received the RFI, but most of them just weren’t interested in this type of work. Gooderham suggested that the panel might not need a planner for the September submission work. He discussed the situation with Jim Mudd, and they felt that the submission could be done with Mudd’s assistance. A question arose as to whether the panel could submit the required information electronically, or do all parties involved need hard copies. Miville suggested that it might be economically feasible to produce CDs, and Mudd agreed. Hullar agreed with Gooderham’s suggestion of moving ahead with the September submission without a planner, assisted by Mudd.

4. Mudd stated that the panel already has the basic language in place, and shouldn’t need the services of a professional planner for revisions. He explained that the September submission is going to run current with the Comprehensive Plan Evaluation and Appraisal Report and Lee County may not be able to process any new statutes until work is completed on the EAR. Regarding the LDC issues, Mudd offered that he had names of planners who may be available to work on language issues with the panel. Miller asked Mudd if he would work with Gooderham on this, and he agreed. Mudd suggested that as most provisions in the LDC are tied to another issue within the LDC, the panel may need an expert’s professional guidance. Miller expressed his thanks, and that of the panel, to Mudd for his commitment to this panel.

5. Questions have arisen about member attendance requirements over the course of the year. Gibson asked if the panel should set a percentage of required meetings to maintain membership on the panel. Jensen suggested that members be allowed to miss no more than two meetings a year, or no more than 2 meetings in a row. Hullar suggested that if a member missed two meetings in a year, the panel should have the discretion to replace that member.

After discussion, Hullar made the following motion: “It is critical to the success of the Captiva Community Panel to have as many members present at every meeting. To accomplish this, any member who misses more than two meetings in a planning year, September through May, is subject to removal from the panel, at the discretion of the panel, to be replaced by someone who can be present.” Motion seconded by Madden. Approved 8-0.

(Member van der Baars left the meeting at 9:55 a.m.)

6. Hullar introduced his proposed policy language concerning the Captiva Drive canopy, and described the meetings he had held with county staff to derive a workable compromise by focusing on a single-issue policy for the roadway. Discussion ensued over the scope of the policy, the areas it would impact, its effect on private property owners and the policy’s enforceability. After some suggested revisions had been aired, Hullar made a motion to adopt CCP 14 (Proposal #3), second by Miville, as follows: “The canopy on Captiva Drive, between Blind Pass Bridge and the first “s” curve, will be protected to the greatest extent possible. Trees that are part of the canopy will only be removed if deemed necessary for public health, safety or storm damage. If Australian Pines (or other trees that contribute to the canopy) are removed, they will be replaced by trees that will preserve the canopy.” Madden called for a vote after discussion. Motion approved 6-1 (Jensen dissenting).

7. Mike Mullins was not present, so there was no update on the progress of the water quality study group.

8. Gooderham will include minutes, agendas, and policies under consideration in a CCP notebook to be maintained at the Captiva Library. Miville questioned whether this should be done electronically on the CPOA Website, or whether a CD could be produced and filed at the Library. Gooderham will investigate the feasibility of electronic archiving at the library and report to the CCP.

9. Next meeting will be Tuesday, June 9, at 9:00 a.m. This will be an informational meeting to discuss what was accomplished during the past year and look ahead at what will need to be done in the fall. Information on proposed policies will be published in the Captiva Current.

The panel will recess for the summer, and will resume in the fall with meetings scheduled for October 14, November 11, and December 9.

10. Gooderham reminded the panel that annual financial disclosure updates are due July 1.

11. There being no other business or comment, the meeting was adjourned at 10:35 a.m.

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