April 20, 2005

Panel Members in Attendance: Hal Miller, John Madden, Dave Jensen, Rene Miville, Peter Koury, Gordon Hullar, Chris van der Baars

Absent: Harry Silverglide, Ron Gibson

Audience: 22

1. The meeting was called to order at 9:04 AM.

2. Introductions and roll call were made by Hal Miller. Miller announced that Mike Kelly will join the CCP to replace Peter Koury, and would be in attendance before the end of today's meeting.
The minutes of the March 15, 2005, meeting were approved as presented. Motion by Madden, second by Miville.

3. Update on Staff Report for 2004 Text Amendment.
Jim Mudd was present to review the county staff report on the policies submitted by the panel, and to recommend some changes that would help in their passage by Lee County.
Staff suggestion was to cap the maximum density island-wide at 3 dwellings per acre. To be classified as an estate, a property must have at least 100 feet of frontage on a major road, and a depth of 200 feet along Captiva Drive, under one ownership. A motion was made by Madden, second by Hullar, to stay with the original language as submitted by the panel, and lobby for its passage. Motion was approved, 6-0.
Staff recommendation was to strike the entire policy as submitted. It was pointed out during the ensuing discussion, however, that the CPOA and CCA get notices of all zoning or rezoning requests throughout the year, as do residents within 500 feet of the affected property. A motion was made by Miller, second by van der Baars, to support the original language submitted by the panel. Motion passed, 4-2 with Jensen and Miville opposing.
Motion made by Hullar, second by Jensen, to support the changes as presented in the staff report. Motion passed, 6-0.
Mudd explained that mangrove regulation was handled by the state and that a local law cannot supersede a state law. A motion was made by Hullar, second by van der Baars, to support the policy as proposed in the staff report but also add the language, "Mangroves on Captiva Island will be protected and maintained to the greatest extent possible."
As the canopy on Captiva Drive no longer exists, changes were suggested by staff to address new planting efforts and funding sources. Motion was made by van der Baars, second by Hullar, to accept the changed language made in the staff report. Motion passed 6-0.
A motion was made by van der Baars, second by Madden, to accept the revision in the existing Lee Plan language in 13.1.2. van der Baars amended the language of the motion to strike the sentence regarding the "destruction of mangroves." This motion was withdrawn.
A second motion was made by van der Baars, second by Madden, to accept the original policy as submitted, with the addition of the phrase "within the capability of the tower," to be submitted after the second sentence ending "desirous of serving Captiva." The sentence regarding the destruction of mangroves will remain in the policy. Motion passed, 6-0.
Ken Gooderham announced that the hearing on these policies will be held on Monday, April 25, at 8:30 AM, at the County Commissioner's Chambers in Fort Myers. Miller and Miville will attend from the panel, and Gooderham will provide the summary to the LPA.

4. Underground Utilities on Captiva Island.
Tricia Dorn and Clark Hawkins were present from LCEC to field questions from the panel and audience. Removal of the lateral power lines over Captiva Drive were not included in the original estimates. LCEC and Comcast have adjusted their prices to include this, and all primary above-ground lines are now included in the latest proposal. Island Water will help with locates of water mains. Sprint is still not on board with the project, but a meeting is scheduled with their representative to follow up in their expressed interest in participating.
The MSBU must still be approved before work starts on identifying easements. With this project moving forward and with the causeway construction restricting the weight of loads, county DOT staff has said that the safety shoulder work cannot start until 2006.
Madden asked Clark Hawkins if a letter of credit from Edison Bank can be issued to LCEC in place of an actual check for the project deposit. The funds would be on deposit with the bank and available to LCEC for disbursement. Ken Gooderham and Clark Hawkins will look into the feasibility of this.
Gooderham stated that a manager will be needed to coordinate the project, and the county has asked that the cost for this should be built into the MSBU. Other costs for the project would include postage and mailing costs, plus the additional administrative time necessary for the various tasks. Following a meeting with panel staff and members in late March, Commissioner Janes tentatively set the approval rating for the MSBU approval at 67% so passage would show widespread support on Captiva.
It was decided by the panel that the Underground Utilities Committee will work on a budget proposal for funding.

5. Panel Funding Needs.
It was suggested and agreed to by the panel that a request will be made to Lee County for additional funding for community planning. Van der Baars asked about accessing the CCA funds, and Gooderham will draft a letter to this effect.

6. Revegetation on Captiva.
The funds that the county's Economic Development Office had targeted for corridor planning has not been applied for due to other circumstances, and the deadline for application has passed. Other sources for funding will be investigated for planning purposes.

The next meeting of the CCP is scheduled for May 10, 2005, at 9 AM. Ken Gooderham and Marge Bergman will not be available to attend.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 AM.

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