April 13, 2004

Panel Members in Attendance: Hal Miller, Ron Gibson, Dave Jensen, Rene Miville, Gordon Hullar

Panel Members Absent: Chris van der Baars, John Madden, Peter Koury, and Harry Silverglide

Audience: 21

1. The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by a roll call of members.

2. The minutes of the March 9, 2004, meeting were approved as presented. Motion by Gibson, second by Hullar. Approved 5-0.

3. CEPD administrator Alison Hagerup was present to speak about the Blind Pass project. She noted that she had spoken earlier in the month to a large crowd at the Captiva Yacht Club, and they had very good questions. On March 25 the Mosquito Control helicopters took 15 people up in the air at a time to view Clam Bayou and the Blind Pass area. This gave them a much better understanding of the needs of the area.
January 2005 is still the target date for the Blind Pass restoration project. Agencies involved in the project have asked for a large amount of data prior to issuing permits.

4. Bob Taylor, of Plantation Development Ltd., was again present to share information relative to the plans for their property at the north end of Captiva, at South Seas Resort. The permit applications are being submitted this week., and this process is expected to take 9-12 months. Taylor presented a handout to the audience summarizing information that was presented in the March 9 meeting as well as addressing questions that arose at the meeting and subsequent presentations to the Captiva community. Questions were taken from the panel and audience.

5. Tricia Dorn was present from Lee County Electrical Cooperative (LCEC) to speak about the cable project for Captiva Drive. They will be using a new product to our area, Hendrix cable, that is an insulated cable that will go over the existing power lines. The project is slated to begin this week at the south end of Captiva, and this part of the work is scheduled to be "above ground." The second half of the project, from approximately Tween Waters Inn to the gate at South Seas Resort, is scheduled to be "above ground" also, but homes and businesses in Section 2 will be presented with the option of having "under ground" cable installed. The cost differential would be divided equitably among the individual customers in Section 2.
Captiva resident, Mike Mullins, questioned whether it would be feasible at this point to allow the south end of the island to go underground, also. He and Rene Miville will head up a committee to get information out quickly to residents of the south end of the island, as work is scheduled to start there immediately.

6. Ken Gooderham presented information regarding implementing the Captiva-specific amendments to the Lee County comprehensive land use plan.
Regarding Policy 13.1.1, it was the consensus of the panel that Gooderham is to move forward as detailed in a handout to the panel, clarifying information as to maximum lot coverage prior to presenting final language for approval.
Regarding Policy 13.1.6, it was the consensus of the panel that documents of the panel be provided and stored electronically.
Regarding Policy 13.1.7, no change from the language provided.

7. It was the agreement of the panel that all CCP payables should be submitted to Shirley Stanton, President of the CCA, for payment.
Gibson stated that he feels that the CCP should be independent of any other organization on Captiva, and Hullar agreed, adding that the panel needs to be independently funded as well.
Gooderham noted that there are a number of requirements that the panel would have to fulfill to incorporate, i.e., creation of by-laws for a not-for-profit organization, creation of an initial board, filing with the State of Florida, setting up a new agreement with Lee County, record keeping in accordance with the county's administrative code, possibly hiring an accountant, decision on how members are named/elected to the panel. Hullar proposed that the panel set up an active committee to incorporate the CCP, and that the panel needs to approach the issue of fund raising. It was decided that this would be a topic for the May meeting. A committee was formed to look into ideas and present them to the panel for May, comprised of Mike Mullins, Doris Holzheimer, Ron Gibson, and Bill Fenniman.

8. The meeting was adjourned at 11:00, motion by Jensen, second by Hullar. Approved 5-0.

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