April 1, 2003

Panel Members in Attendance: Hal Miller, Gordon Hullar, Peter Koury, Dave Jensen, Elaine Smith, Ron Gibson, Chris van der Baars

Audience: 12

1. Roll call was taken at 1:05 pm on April 1, 2003. A letter was received from Paul McCarthy tendering his resignation as a member of the Captiva Community Panel, effective April 1, 2003. The CPOA will nominate a new member to take McCarthy’s place on the panel.

2. The minutes of the March 11, 2003, meeting were approved. Motion by Hullar, second by van der Baars. Approved 7-0.

3. Hullar has a meeting scheduled with the DOT in Ft. Myers on April 28 to consider options regarding a plan amendment to protect the tree canopy on Captiva Drive. He hopes to develop alternatives for protecting the tree canopy with DOT support.

4. The water quality subcommittee met at SSR on March 21. Water testing is an ongoing process. Investigation will look into value of septic system vs. a sewer system, and whether there is any exiting information or previous testing for Captiva. Water quality on the island will be a large area to define, and the committee will start with fact gathering and determining the community’s concerns. Mike Mullins will serve as chairperson of the committee. He will be asking the community for their input on water quality issues, and will establish follow-up meetings to which the public will be invited.

5. Ken Gooderham presented a draft Request for Proposal to the panel, plus a list of potential planners for them to consider. A suggestion was made to change the draft to a Request For Information to get preliminary information from interested candidates within a short period of time. This would help to pare down the list of possible candidates to those who have an express interest in Captiva issues and the appropriate background and experience. After the RFI, an RFP would be presented to the remaining candidates. Gooderham will get a draft RFI prepared this week, and will e-mail same to those panel and audience members interested in reviewing it. Koury, van der Baars, and Harry Silverglide agreed to review the RFI. Gooderham pointed out that the panel will need two public sessions to vote on/approve the RFP. Jensen proposed that we send the RFI out, and a committee would work on improving the RFP. Any RFIs that are returned will be presented at the next meeting of the CCP on May 13, 2003. Second by Koury. An amendment was presented that RFI responders will be invited to appear at the May 13 meeting, second by Smith. Approved 7-0.

6. The panel received a copy of an e-mail from Donna Marie Collins of the Lee County Attorney’s Office concerning the county’s policy on teleconferencing as a means of attending meetings. The memo stated that members could attend and participate in meetings via telephone, but those teleconferencing members could not be counted in reaching a quorum to make the meeting legal.

7. Other Business and public comment:

a. The CPOA will be holding a fundraiser to support community planning at SSR on 4/25 in Chadwick’s Plaza.
b. Mike Mullins expressed his opinion that the CCP may need some by-laws/rules regarding attendance of members and other issues. This will be included on the agenda for the next meeting in May.

8. There being no other business, Miller made a motion to adjourn at 2:50 p.m., second by Jensen. Approve 7-0.

The next CCP meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 13, at 9:00 a.m. at the CCA Building, 11550 Chapin Lane, Captiva.

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