February 14, 2006

Panel Members in Attendance: Hal Miller, Mike Kelly, Rene Miville, Ron Gibson, Dave Jensen, Gordon Hullar, and Harry Silverglide

Absent: Chris van der Baars

Audience: 30

1. The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM.

2. The minutes of January 10, 2006, were approved as presented with a motion by Kelly, second by Silverglide.

3. Kelly gave a brief recap of the proposed mixed use amendment to the Lee Plan by discussing the proposed development on Andy Rosse Lane, known as the Mead property (formerly the Confused Chameleon). A special exception and variance request was presented to the Lee County hearing examiner early in January as a request for a retail establishment and manager housing on the property in question. Current zoning allows for either residential or commercial, not mixed use. The hearing examiner could not change the existing rules, even though the community had shown support for the concept as a way to preserve the remaining commercial properties on the island. After discussions at the Jan. 10 CCP meeting, Kelly and Ken Gooderham met with the county staff to develop a mixed use amendment for the Captiva Plan. The 2006 Captiva Plan Amendment was presented to the panel for discussion (see attached for language), and would apply to all lots with C-1 or CT zoning.
Panel discussion favored the proposal, and public comment was opened up. There were questions concerning the location of the affected lots, clarification as to the reason for staff concern over the Mead application (chiefly density issues) and further explanation of the Mead proposal and the Commercial Planned Development requirement as a way to include conditions based on staff and community input (such as whether the residential use had to be tied to the commercial activity).
One member of the audience, who owns a C-1 property on Captiva Drive, discussed the history of the commercial re-zoning initiated in the 1990s and questioned whether the proposed wording would negatively affect his rights to use his property as it was currently zoned. Both Kelly and Gooderham did not believe that was the case, but promised to follow up with the County Attorney’s Office to clarify that issue prior to submitting the amendment for review.
A motion was made by Kelly, second by Miville, to approve the amendment as presented with a caveat to get a legal opinion on the C-1 zoning question. Motion passed, 7-0.

4. Applications were received from Mike Mullins, Sandra Stilwell, and Natalie Pyle for the CCP seat recently vacated by John Madden. The three applicants were asked to leave the room to allow for discussion by the panel and audience.
As most panel members had just received the three names prior to the meeting, a motion was made by Kelly, second by Miller, to close nominations at this time and vote on one of three applicants at the March 14 meeting. Motion passed, 7-0.

5. Ken Gooderham presented the options available for the revegetation grant obtained through the state Division of Forestry. Due to having more applicants than funds, DOF staff have requested that Captiva residents make a decision as to the focus of the project, i.e., a planned revegetation on Captiva Drive or a tree giveaway to residents. The tree giveaway was presented as an option to the planting in the right-of-way prior to the start of the underground utility project originally proposed in the grant application.
Discussion ensued by panel and audience members over a variety of options to revegetate the island, including contracting for a landscaping plan, working directly with landscapers and making “signature” trees available for planting in prominent locations. Gooderham also promised to secure a commitment from SCCF whether their Native Plant Nursery would in fact be interested in participation in a giveaway prior to the March 14 meeting.
A motion was made by Hullar, second by Kelly, to use the $125,000 grant to sponsor a tree giveaway, with further plans for execution of the project to be discussed at the next meeting in March. Motion passed, 7-0.
John Likakis, webmaster for the CCP, will have an application available online for residents to request or apply for trees.
Mike Mullins urged residents to submit any plans or suggestions for the tree giveaway to Ken Gooderham before the next meeting at his e-mail address,

6. LCEC is waiting for final approval from Captiva on the underground utility project. Comcast is finishing up its binding design plan and will present it to the panel at the March meeting. Based on that and the county’s estimates, Ken Gooderham will bring information to this meeting regarding the total project cost and the likely millage rate for taxpayers.

7. Mike Mullins reported that he posted information regarding a public meeting about the proposed bylaws, and there was no turnout. He felt this was due to the short notice, and will set up another meeting with more lead time.

8. The next meetings of the CCP will be on March 14, April 11, and May 9.

9. Marge Bergman, who has taken minutes at meetings for the past 3 years, is leaving South Seas and will be unable to continue in this capacity after this meeting. Miller asked for a volunteer from the community, and several panel members suggested that it might be necessary to hire a service for this.

10. Ron Kramer complimented the panel members on their approach to filling John Madden’s seat.

11. Randy Cerchie, with Lee Department of Transportation, was present to continue the discussion of the proposed safety shoulder along Captiva Drive. He announced that the county had contracted with Johnson Engineering to locate and survey the revetment on the stretch in front of Tween Waters. The current plan calls for two 11 foot traffic lanes, and two 4 foot safety shoulders. Detailed maps were not yet available to show the proposed plan, and he hoped to have them for residents at the March meeting.

12. The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 AM. Cerchie, some panel members, and some audience members stayed behind to continue the safety shoulder discussion and review the survey maps DOT had completed last summer.

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