January 9, 2006

Panel Members in Attendance: Hal Miller, Dave Jensen, Rene Miville, Harry Silverglide, Mike Kelly, Gordon Hullar

Absent: Chris van der Baars, Ron Gibson, John Madden

Audience: 24

1. Meeting was called to order at 9:07 a.m.

2. The minutes of the December 13, 2005, meeting were approved as presented, with a motion by Kelly, second by Silverglide.

3. Randy Cerchie, with Lee Department of Transportation, was present to give an update on the Captiva Drive right-of-way survey, as it related to the proposal to add four-foot wide safety shoulders on either side of Captiva Drive for bikes and pedestrians. Surveys that indicated the necessary right-of-way was available for the area from Blind Pass to the village, and from the village to the entrance to South Seas Island Resort. In front of Tween Waters Inn, the available right-of-way is seaward of the current location of the roadway, so the additional asphalt will be placed on the beach side of the road. The county is currently negotiating with Johnson Engineering to determine the exact location of the rock revetment that was placed on the Gulf-side of the roadway in the 1980s to control erosion. To date, the county has not approached private land owners about granting right- of-way on their property where needed (chiefly in the S curves), and Cerchie indicated that they preferred the CCP take the lead in this, as well as establish a process for property owners to have input on the final project. He will put together a visual map for the next CCP meeting showing the plan for the road shoulder project and will identify areas where additional right-of-way will be needed. Cerchie suggested that owners bring their plat numbers to the meeting so they could determine exactly the location of their property on the map. The meeting will be advertised at the Captiva Post Office, and a workshop for interested residents will be held immediately following the formal CCP meeting. It was noted that the pedestrian shoulder project cannot be started until work on the underground utilities is completed on the island.

A motion was made by Hullar, second by Kelly, that the CCP take the responsibility to approach necessary property owners to investigate their willingness to provide the appropriate right of way or easement. Motion passed, 6-0.

4. Harry Campbell, Traffic Section Chief Traffic Engineer, from the Lee County Department of Transportation, spoke about the upcoming change in the speed limit on Captiva Drive. Effective Feb. 2, 2006, the speed limit from just north of Blind Pass Bridge to the first S curve will be reduced from 35 mph to 30 mph, and the speed limit from the S curve to South Seas Resort will be 25 mph. The change in speed limit came about as a result of requests from home owners and an investigation by the LCDOT. Campbell also noted that the county did not feel it was safe to extend the current golf cart use zones on Captiva due to limited visibility in the northern S curve. Currently golf carts are allowed from South Seas Resort through the village to Wiles Drive, and the county would be willing to revisit this issue if safety shoulders are constructed in that area.

5. CEPD Administrator Alison Hagerup was present and gave a brief update on the beach renourishment project. Work on Captiva has been completed as far as pumping new sand onto the beaches, and the sand will now be tilled and leveled. Work has commenced on the Sanibel side of Blind Pass, and the total project should be complete in approximately three weeks.

6. Kelly discussed the proposed mixed use construction on Andy Rosse Lane, known as the Mead property. The variance/special exception request was presented to Lee County early in January, and several members of the panel and the community were present to speak on its behalf. The project includes a commercial facility and a caretakerŐs cottage, and abuts residential property at the rear. Staff opposed the plan due to the lot size, and indicated their preference for either a residential or commercial use as opposed to mixed use.

Kelly had communicated with county planning staff at the Department of Community Development on this matter, and they were willing to entertain an amendment to the Lee Plan that would allow mixed-use development in limited circumstances on Captiva. If such an amendment could be drafted and submitted within the next 4-6 weeks, staff would include it in the current cycle of Lee Plan amendments that will be heard later this year.

A motion was made by Hullar, second by Miville, that Kelly work with the County staff to develop language for a mixed use amendment on certain properties on Captiva to be presented at the next panel meeting. Motion passed, 6-0.

7. Mike Mullins gave a report on his progress regarding the formation of bylaws for the CCP. He is a committee of one, and his mission is to get information out to the community and solicit their input. He will bring information to the next meeting, with the permission of the CCP. It was a consensus, then, of the panel that Mullins should move ahead with his information gathering and share his results in February.

8. Doris Holzheimer was present to ask for input regarding the communication process that was established for the 2005 hurricane season on Captiva. She requested feedback from the audience and the community regarding the quality of information received by property owners, the procedures for sharing information, as well as the process itself. She stressed that for any process to work volunteers are needed, both on Captiva and the mainland. She passed out a survey to audience members, and requested that they fill it out and leave it with her that day. The survey will also be published in the Captiva Current, as well as posted at the Post Office on Captiva. Surveys can be returned to either Doris or Mike Mullins.

9. Michael Weston, Senior Forester, Caloosahatchee District, Florida Division of Forestry, spoke about the grant secured by Ken Gooderham for revegetation on Captiva. Grant monies are available through September, 2007. If consensus on a plan cannot be reached for the entire island, an alternative would be to allow individual property owners to request trees for their own property, perhaps within a specified geographic area. This possibility will be discussed further at the next panel meeting.

10. On January 5, 2006, John Madden tendered his resignation from the Captiva Community Panel, due to his travel schedule and work obligations. Names will be solicited from the community, and a vote may be taken for a replacement at the February meeting. A candidate for the position must be willing to make a financial disclosure and agree to follow the Florida Sunshine Laws. An e-mail will be sent out to property owners noting that the position is vacant, and it will also be posted at the Captiva Post Office.

11. Ken Gooderham addressed the panel's efforts in 2004-2005, and gave an update on what should be continued in 2005-2006.
a. Lee Plan Amendment. The second Captiva amendment was adopted by the Board of County Commissioners at an October 12, 2005, meeting.
b. Utilities Project. Coordination and binding estimates for the proposed underground utilities project are next, followed by the launch of the actual MSBU petition effort and the concurrent public information component. Assuming the outcome is positive, the MSBU would be formed later in the year, after which actual work would be begun.
c. Safety Shoulder. Once right of way needs have been surveyed and easement issues identified, the panel will need to assist in soliciting easements or other use agreements with property owners. Also, further public input on design may be sought in conjunction with Lee DOT.
d. Revegation. The CCP will work with Lee DOT on grant applications to fund revegetation of the right of way along Captiva Drive. Planning funds are expected to come out of a FEMA grant for Sanibel and Captiva, but funds for plants and planting need to be amassed.
e. Water Quality. There continues to be a desire to address water quality concerns stemming from the island's existing septic systems and package wastewater plants. Further research and alternatives will need to be developed for community discussion. Jensen spoke about the work by PURRE (People United to Restore Our Rivers and Estuaries). A motion was made by Kelly, second by Silverglide, that the CCP join PURRE. Motion passed, 6-0.
f. Land Development Code Concerns. Eventually the panel will need to implement its various Lee Plan policies by developing specific LDC citations based on the approved policies. This will launch a new round of committee meetings and public discussions on specific wording and intent.
g. Information Clearinghouse. The CCP continues to serve as the most effective source for information on land use and zoning issues on the island, both through its regular efforts and through hosting public meetings on specific proposals pending before the county.
h. Future CCP Configuration. There continues to be efforts to revamp the way the panel is structured, from a variety of perspectives. The panel itself may need to revisit that issue once the push for projects starts to wane, to see if there is a better way to conduct business for the benefit of the island.

12. The next meeting of the CCP will be on Tuesday, Feb.14, 2006, at 9 a.m. at the Captiva Civic Association building.

13. The meeting was adjourned at 11:05 AM

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